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“I’m really enjoying being in your class and learning from you Omaris! The choreography is challenging for me.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talent!” 
Dawn Storm - USA

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Saturdays at 10:00 am Belly Dance Beginner (1 hour)

Saturdays at 11:15 am Drills (1 hour)

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm: BellyBurn (45 minutes)

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Class Description

Omaris’ classes focus on technique and combinations with emphasis on feeling, juicy steps, emotion, posture, music interpretation, and flowing transitions. She is well known for her teaching method and technique. Her goal is to make every woman feel and dance like a goddess also developing her own unique style of dance. Many people say Omaris is Art in Motion

Belly Dance Beginner

In this class, you will create the foundation of belly dance by learning proper posture, how to shift your weight, and the basic steps that will be a part of your dance from now on. We will work on proper technique, and sometimes short/easy combos for smooth transitions.

1 hour

Hour: 10: 00 am / Saturdays


How important is it to repeat a step? A LOT in order to create muscle memory. In this class we will repeat and repeat a step, changing speed and creating texture. From basic moves to layers. Every class, we will be working on a different topic.

1 hour

Hour: 11:15 am / Saturdays


This fun class will help you to burn some calories, tone and have more fun!

Starting with warming up, arm exercising with dumbbells (optional) and using all the fun of Belly DANCE and other dances to sweat! I mean…dance.

(3 or 5 weight dumbbells suggested for the first part of the class)

45 Minutes

Hour: 7:00 pm / Tuesdays

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Private Lessons

"Omaris, you make magic" ~ Roger Crawford

Omaris is available for private lessons. 

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"Omaris is a professional dancer and instructor known for her passionate and intense performances. To watch her dance is not just a passive event; Omaris makes one feel.  A true artist, Omaris is able to evoke from her audience the emotion she wants it to experience: passion, longing, pain, and joy. One is often left sitting in their seat, stunned by her captivating performance. This is no easy feat. Omaris possesses a strong technical foundation to back up her artistry. Her classes are popular in that she fuses technique with insights on showmanship that are priceless for any dancer. An often overlooked component of Omaris’ dance is her musicality. Her specialty is expressing the melodic lines in pieces seamlessly –and her drum solo’s aren’t too shabby either.  So, let’s get to know our sultry Dominican Rose and Queen of Smiles, Omaris".


By Stacy Reyer 

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