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BellyBurn on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm | June and July ONLY | At Replay Fitness. Info

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Photo by Freddy Cruz


Photos by Javier Celado

"Omaris, you dance with your soul"  ~ Wael Mansour


Classes with Omaris are full of useful information and I enjoy her fun teaching style and sparkling personality! Omaris is the kind of instructor who sees the students as individuals and tells us clearly what we need to do to improve. I've learned a lot of new concepts in a short amount of time. Her teaching has something to offer dancers at every level. Omaris is a treasure for the dance community!

~ Arwen Dancer


My first class was exceptional with Omaris! Her calmness and fantastic directions made it so easy to learn!

Enjoyed the camaraderie and definitely will join in the fun again!

Thank you, Omaris!

~ Carolyn Rucker


"This beautiful dancer not only hears the music, she feels it .... she is the music.

Her ability to execute the slow sensual movements so completely is refreshing. She contrasts with the more percussive segments with such passion without sacrificing technique.

Thank you Omaris 

for representing the art

with passion and purity!" 

Tarifa Salem

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