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Photo by Freddy Cruz

Omaris, "The Dominican Rose" will sweep you away with her Passion, Authentic Spirit, and Magical Technique.  There is no question why she is a Multi Award-winning dancer,  Teaches all over the World, and is embraced in her local dance community.  With almost two decades of Teaching and Performing, Omaris is Loved by Studios, Students, and Audiences Alike.   Dedicated to self-development, Omaris continues to further her study of the dance by attending workshops with top and recognized instructors   internationally sought-after, Omaris has taught and performed in  Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Serbia, Japan, Italy, The Czech Republic and of course in her home Country, the Dominican Republic.  Currently, she is based out of Tallahassee, Florida. She is teaching at Expressions Movement Studio and ARTS.

To watch her dance is not just a passive event; Omaris makes one feel.  A true artist, Omaris is able to evoke from her audience the emotion she wants it to experience: passion, longing, pain, and joy. One is often left sitting in their seat, stunned by her captivating performance. This is no easy feat. Omaris possesses a strong technical foundation to back up her artistry. Her classes are popular in that she fuses technique with insights on showmanship that are priceless for any dancer. An often overlooked component of Omaris’ dance is her musicality. Her specialty is expressing the melodic lines in pieces seamlessly.  Many say Omaris is Art in Motion.

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workshops around the USA and

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Main list of workshops held

in Festivals. The list does not include regular workshops.




Hradec Králové - CZECH REP


Feb 2nd to 3rd, 2019



Belly Dance Cruise - USA

Hip Expressions


Feb 12th to 17th, 2019


Miami Raks

RedButterfly by Omaris

(one of the featured vendors)

Omaris performing at the GALA SHOW

April 27th to 28th, 2019


Sitges - Spain

Oriental Dance Meeting


Omaris performing at the Gala Show

 May 31th to June 2, 2019



Tampa - USA


Omaris performing at the Gala Show

June 14th to 16th, 2019



Orlando - USA

Belly Dance Orlando Convention


August 2nd to 4th, 2019



Kissimmee - USA

Festival of The Nile


October 11th to 13th, 2019

Saint Pete, FL - USA

Hip Expressions


November  22nd to 23th, 2019


















Would you like to learn from Omaris?



- Oriental 

- Powerful Drum Solo

- Sha'abi

- Ethereal & Emotional Veil

- Arabic Pop

- Skirt Fusion 

- Salsa Fusion

- Omaris' Romantic 



- Traveling Technique and Steps 

- How to Create a Choreography

- Juicy Textures

- Improvisation's Tool Kit

- Passion Juice

- Stagecraft

- Talkative Hands

- Shimmied not Stirred!

- All About Circles



"We have just had a perfect weekend with Omaris. We knew that she was a beautiful woman and an amazing dancer!... now we know that she is also a wonderful person and a great teacher!! Thank you so much Omaris for giving us everything from your heart and also for being so professional!! We love you ...and already missing you"

Eden Kassar – Guadeloupe


"I hope we keep in contact.  

I also learned so much in your workshop, 

you made me love more Belly Dance.  

Thank you for everything. A hugs and a kiss from Cd. Juarez Chihuahua "

Vickie Hernandez – Mexico


”Omaris has the most expressive hips and tummy! And always has fun and enjoys herself and her audience. I love watching her dance! ♥ 

She is also a terrific instructor!"  

Jayne Arrigton - USA


"I watched one of your videos on you tube and you are the best belly dancer I have ever seen. I like how elegant you are and I would like to be like you one day. Just to know,you have fan from Serbia. :)".

Sonja Todoric - Serbia


" Your dance and your talent was incredible. I thought that I was sharing my stage with and angel. You are too good to be true. We need to do this more often" 

Daryal  Kafrasso - Turkey


" You are a very good dancer and so sweet"

Zaza Hassan - Egypt


“I learned so much, thank you Omaris”  

Seo Hee Shin - Korea


" Your dancing was beautiful.  I enjoyed that your didn't rush dancing this piece" 

Osvaldo  El Beryewe Brandan - Argentina











Aug 1st-4th, 2019

Orlando, USA

Passion Juice

Romantic, Omaris'style Choreography

Sponsored by Orlando BellyDance Convention

Feb 15th, 2019

Belly Dance Cruise - USA

Salsa Fusion Choreography

Sponsored by Hip Expressions

Feb 2nd-3rd, 2019

Hradec, The Czech Republic

Live Drum Solo Choreography with Live Band Perkuto

Salsa Fusion Choreography

Oriental Choreography

Romantic, Omaris'style Choreography

Sponsored by Gabriela Micankova


March 31st, 2018

Saint Petersburg, FL - USA

Omaris Immersion

Sponsored by Hip Expressions

Feb 25th, 2018

Saint Augustine, FL - USA

Drum Solo Choreography

Sponsored by Sweetheart Gala


Oct 20th, 2017

Saint Petersburg, FL - USA

Arabic Pop Choreography

Shimmied, not Stirred!

Sponsored by Hip Expressions Bellydance Studio

Oct 15th, 2017

Tallahassee - USA

Passion Juice

At Women's Belly Dance Center


Sept 17th- 18th, 2017

Bologna - Italy

Passion Juice

All About Circles

Traveling Steps

Drum Solo Choreography

Sponsored by Francesca Danza Orientale

August 9th, 2017

Orlando - USA

Improvisation's Tool Kit

Sponsored by Belly Dance Masters


July 9th, 2017

Tallahassee - USA

Arabic Pop Choreography

At Women's Belly Dance Center


July 1st, 2017

Gainesville - USA

Shimmied no Stirred

Sponsored by Hip Moves Studio


December 3th, 2016 

Saint Petersburg - USA

Passion Juice

Sponsored by Hip Expressions Dance Studio


November 11th, 2016 

Miami - USA

Live Drum Solo with Nicolas Kirlis

Sponsored by Fusion Gitana


September 17th-18th, 2016 

Bologna - Italy

Talkative Hands 

Oriental Choreography

Shimmied not Stirred

Drum Solo Choreography

Sponsored by Francesca Danza Orientale


July 15th-17th, 2016 

Seoul, Daegu, Sungnam - South Korea

Oriental Choreography

Drum Solo Choreography

Sponsored by YS Hera Belly Dance Association


January 30th, 2016

St Augustine - USA

Juicy Textures

Sponsored by Blue Lotus Bellydance


November 14TH-22TH, 2015

Tokyo, Toyama - Japan

Acting Choreography

Oriental Choreography

Drum Solo Choreography

Arabic Pop Choreography

Skirt Fusion Choreography

Emotional Veil Choreography

Sponsored by Moka Bellydance and Mami Bellydance 


September 27th, 2015

Jacksonville - USA

Talkative Hands 

Shimmied not Stirred

Sponsored by Anais Fatale


August 24th, 2015

Miami - USA

Traveling Technique and Steps

Sponsored by Nathalie Sarate - Miami Bellydance Convention 2015


JULY 6TH, 2015

Santo Domingo - DR

Juicy Texture

Sponsored by Paula Belly Dance Artist


FEBRUARY 6TH - 7TH, 2015

St. Augustine - USA

Traveling Technique and Steps

Sponsored by Blu Lotus Bellydance 



Belgrade - Serbia

Emotional Veil Choreography

Traveling Technique and Steps

Sponsored by Skola Plesa Salome 


APRIL 5TH, 2014

Santo Domingo - DR

Arabic Pop Choreography

Sponsored by Paula Belly Dance Artist


FEBRUARY 7th- 10th, 2014

La Pointe a Pitre- Guadeloupe

23 hours of professional training

Private classes

Sponsored by Eden Kassar


JUNE 7th -9th, 2013

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"Oriental Choreography"

"Drum Solo Choreography"

Sponsored by Habaib International Festival


MARCH 14th-16th, 2013

Daegu, Daejeon and Seoul - South Korea

"Baladi Choreography" - Master Class

"Oriental Choreography"

"Arabic Pop Choreography"

Sponsored by YS Hera Belly Dance Association.


MARCH 10th, 2013

Largo, Fl - USA

"Traveling Technique and Steps"

Sponsored by Belly Hip Moves


FEBRUARY 23rd, 2013

Saint Pete, FL - USA

"How to Create a Choreography"

Sponsored by Hip Expressions



Chihuahua, Mexico

"Traveling Technique and Steps" &

" Shimmy, Accents and Power"

Sponsored by C.E.E.D.A


JULY 8TH, 2012

Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep.

"Veil Tecnique and Interpretation" 

& "Traveling Technique and Steps"

Sponsored by Tabla Dance Studio


MAY 5TH, 2012

Saint Petersburg, Fl, USA

"Sha'abi Workshop with Omaris' Flavor!"

Tecnique, Drills and New Sassy Combo!

Sponsored by Hip Expressions Dance Studio.


JANUARY  24TH, 2012

Saint Petersburg, Fl, USA

" Shimmy , Accents & Power"

Sponsored by Hip Expressions Dance Studio.


NOVEMBER 25TH-27TH, 2011

Chihuahua- Mexico 

"Egyptian Flavors"

C.E.E.D.A - FIRST Bellydance Convention, Exhibition of Middle Eastern Dance- C.E.E.D.A.  in Chihuahua. 

Sponsored by Zahidi Escuela de Danzas Arabes.


SEPTEMBER 17TH & 18TH, 2011

Yanggu -South Korea.

One Master Class- Veil Entrance

3 Choreographies: "Arabic Pop, Oriental and Drum Solo"

Sponsored by Korea JM BellyDance Association.


AUGUST SUNDAY 7th, 2011: 

Santo Domingo, The Dominican  Republic

"Egyptian Flavor" & "Drum Solo Choreography"

Sponsored by Tabla Dance Studio by Paula


APRIL & MAY 2011

Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA

-"So you want to be a Professional Belly  Dancer" 

with partner Johanna  Krynytzky.

Sponsored by Hip Expressions



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learn from Drills, Technique and


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Photo by Javier Celado

Photo by Javier Celado

Photo by Javier Celado

Photo by Javier Celado