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Omaris is an international instructor and multi award winning belly dance artist
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Photo by KHPhotographics

"This beautiful dancer not only hears the music, she feels it .... she is the music. Her ability to execute the slow sensual movements so completely is refreshing. She contrasts with the more percussive segments with such passion without sacrificing technique. Thank you Omaris for representing the art with passion and purity!"

Tarifa Salem


“You are an example to follow. The passion you feel for belly dancing is shown in every step you take. It is like a poem or story that is unfolding little by little and I cannot keep my eyes of it. Every step has a main reason, a purpose, and it takes the audience into a timeless journey. I am literally hypnotized by the way you dance and interpret a song piece. You are a muse that inspire feelings of joy, love, sorrow and hope all at the same time. When I am in your class, I do not want the time to pass because it is magical and surreal to learn how to belly dance with you as a guide. You are the epitome of what a dancer and a teacher should be. Your style of teaching is perfection and I love every single minute of it. I cannot get enough!!!”

Yoli Bellydancer - USA


“Hi Omaris! Thank YOU for another beautiful performance and for making Dad's night so special. No matter how many times we see you, we're always amazed by your dancing. (and this is from people who know belly dancers, as my grandfather had a nightclub in Manhattan!) You are phenomenal and we love you. Be well! Xoxo”

Helen Hartofilis - USA


Hi Omaris! It's Courtney from Thursday night class!!!! You are my inspiration!!

Courtney Laine - USA


“ That was a great class, Omaris! I learned so much about FEELING! Thank you for improving my dance!!! Xoxoxoxo!”

Erin De Prizio - USA


“I’m really enjoying being in your class and learning from you! The choreography is challenging for me.  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talent!” 

Dawn Storm - USA


" Everything about you is GOOD! You engage EVERY PERSON with your performances. We feel struck by lightning when you smile at us as you dance. You are SO unique and elevating. Thanks "Oma" !!" 

Walker  Kaeck - USA


"I love you and appreciate you thinking of me.  You have a wonderful big heart and that is why your audiences love to watch you dance because your wonderful energy is open to the world and they are touched by it.  You represent positive, loving & passionate energy forces.  This is a gift that not many people or dancers have".

Debra Digiacomandrea - USA


" The performance last Saturday was fantastic! Omaris did an amazing job of getting our guests involved and everyone enjoyed the show very much."

Lisa Alvarez- Mills Mehr & Associates - USA


" You inspire others to shine by your grace and natural shining spirit. The Divine smiles through you.  You are a Dakini ( A dakini is a tantric deity described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy)" 

Daniel Funk - USA


" You're so beautiful Omaris! Thank you for sharing your joy and grace with me. My camera loves you! and so do I! :)

Pixie Visions - USA


" You are an amazing dancer. You were stunning!" 

Moria Chappell  - USA


” Omaris has the most expressive hips and tummy! And always has fun and enjoys herself and her audience. I love watching her dance! ♥ She is also a terrific instructor!"  

Jayne Arrigton - USA


“Talented, beautiful and KIND is Omaris” 

Sherry Stamback - USA


" You are poetry in motion." 

Mike Asher - USA


"I love seeing all of your new beautiful pictures, you will always be my greatest belly dancing inspiration." 

Christina Robertson. - USA


"Thank you again for all of your help!  When I started belly dancing last year, I thought of it as a fun exercise class.  Because of you I want to be a great dancer and work hard at improving and performing for many years to come.  I don't know if I told you that before, but I am very grateful for your inspiration and mentorship :)".

Christina Robertson - USA


“You are very sweet --- An incredible talent --- And an extremely compassionate human being. Whatever is going on in your life will serve as a gateway for something that will take you to new heights.You are amazing! Thank you for all of the gifts that you share with all of us!”

Jayne Arrington- USA


"You are so humble. Do you have any idea how you affect your audience? I wrote a song recently inspired by your art. One line I wrote goes like this:" She whips her body like the shadow of a flame against an uneven wall ... Leaves me with no defense at all "

See how you inspire others? When the world discovers you it will be impossible to contact you. We will have to spend a lot of money to hear someone speak your name. Maybe that's why I gush now. You enhance ALL of our lives".

Walker Kaeck- USA


"Thanks for being such an inspiring teacher!!!"

Cheri- USA


"Of the many dance teachers I have had in the 46 years of my life, you consistently invite your students to dance from the heart.  Your gift for teaching is as great as your gift for dancing, Omaris"

Maria Hernandez- USA


"You're an awesome teacher, accent and all =0)."

Gina Castellano-USA


" You are so amazing, so talented!" 

Amy Sigil and Shelly from Unmata - USA


Omaris, thank you so much for coming to my wedding! You are so beautiful and your dances were amazing! We got so many compliments because of you! It was a wonderful surprise and I really appreciate you coming"

Anne Depoyan - USA 


" I just looove photographing you. Your dance, your look, the music you dance to, all inspire me...always!"

Denise Marino - USA






“ I'm Lee hye-jin who joined the workshop which held in Korea in September 18th, 2011. Actually I'm not really good at English thanks to the workshop, I learned lots of things and becoming a big fan of you(Omaris) to be honest with you, before you come to Korea, I saw you through the video. While I was watching the video, your dance was so beautiful and wanna learn how to dance from you so I'm glad that I grab chance to get lesson from you".  

Lee Hye-Jin - Korea


“I learned so much, thank you Omaris”  

Seo Hee Shin - Korea


Photo by John Mazzello

Omaris, omarisdancer, dominicanrose, dance workshops, omaris at hip expressions, professional bellydancer in tallahassee, hire a professional belly dancer in florida

"We have just had a perfect weekend with Omaris. We knew that she was a beautiful woman and an amazing dancer!... now we know that she is also a wonderful person and a great teacher!! Thank you so much Omaris for giving us everything from your heart and also for being so professional!! We love you ...and already missing you"

Eden Kassar – Guadeloupe

"Hello! It was a pleasure to help you and have the opportunity to know a gorgeous and illuminated person like you. Congratulations for your talent and, principally, for your simplicity, charisma, tranquility, humility... Ultimately, we're all enchanted with you!! I really respect your job. Kisses, with all my love. My best whishes! See ya! Beijos"

Claudia Couto - Brazil





" You are amazing. You are such a beautiful dancer, I loved your dancing. It was a pleasure have met you. Thank you for everything".

Mayra Huzid- Argentina


" Your dancing was beautiful.  I enjoyed that your didn't rush dancing this piece" 

Osvaldo  El Beryewe Brandan - Argentina


Omaris, omarisdancer, dominicanrose, dance workshops, omaris at hip expressions, professional bellydancer in tallahassee, hire a professional belly dancer in florida

Photo by Pixie Vision

" Your dance and your talent was incredible. I thought that I was sharing my stage with and angel. You are too good to be true. We need to do this more often" 

Daryal  Kafrasso - Turkey

Photo by Pixie Vision

Omaris, omarisdancer, dominicanrose, dance workshops, omaris at hip expressions, professional bellydancer in tallahassee, hire a professional belly dancer in florida

" You dance with your soul" 

Wael Mansour - Egypt


" You are a very good dancer and so sweet"

Zaza Hassan - Egypt


" You are a very good dancer"

Ahmed Fekry - Egypt



“I have seen your dance to the music "Talisman" and now I can´t resist to write. It is the best dance I have even seen to this music. God bless you and your talents girl! 

Jasmin- Germany

Photo by John Mazzello


"Thank you a lot for being that great teacher. You are super professor who knows how to share knowledge and love for dance. I liked yours ws very much!!! Besos desde Serbia."

Sladjana Grbic - Serbia


"I watched one of your videos on you tube and you are the best belly dancer I have ever seen. I like how elegant you are and I would like to be like you one day. Just to know,you have fan from Serbia. :)".

Sonja Todoric - Serbia


“ I am so happy because I watched your performance and because I was learning from you. You are amazing, I like your shimmy!  And still hear your word: Breatheee! “

Valentina Draskovic - Serbia


“ Omaris, you are called Dominican Rose quite rightly, I believe. Because you are such a wonderful and special creature that I am still under the impression. It was pleasure to learn from you and watch you on the stage.  If you visit our region again I will definitely come. “

Dragana Trivuncevic - Serbia


“ I'm sooo happy cause i was learning in your was great time,spent with you..and have to tell you that you're great teacher, as dancer... thank you for everything”

Jelena Mrdjenovic - Serbia 


“This weekend was special for many reasons - it`s great thing that you were willing to come to us, share with us your knowledge, your tips & tricks, and dance naturally with live music - precious moments.... hope we will meat again and be able to share energy again.... next time we will listen Spanish more on class. It sounds lovely."

Jasmina Abuelrub Trebjesanin - Serbia


“Thank you Omaris for being so selfless, for the gifts & all the advice, for the effort, energy and beauty that you gave us, for the inspiration (truly I feel I learned so much from you, more than anyone else, because your style perfectly fits me). Thank you for being an amazing woman, amazing person. I feel my instinct was right about you and you will remain my dance soul sister. I don't usually go this emo on fb, but you came across half the planet and everyone must know it was more than worth it! This was the project of my life so far and an emotional adventure! And like we said in the airport this is not a goodbye! We will meet again somehere. “

Iris Salome - Serbia



Omaris, omarisdancer, dominicanrose, dance workshops, omaris at hip expressions, professional bellydancer in tallahassee, hire a professional belly dancer in florida

Photo by KHPhotographics

" Hi Omaris, nice to meeting you.  I hope we keep in contact. I also learned so much in your workshop, you made me love more Belly Dance.  Thank you for everything. A hugs and a kiss from Cd. Juarez Chihuahua "

Vickie Hernandez – Mexico

“Thanks for your teachings of yesterday, the course on the expressiveness of the hands has been beautiful, interesting and very useful. And it is a thing of which I had so much need. Very beautiful also the choreography!! Thanks for your availability, your generosity and your smiles, that have cared positions up to the end”.

Ria Primavera – Italy


 “It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to study dance with you and also share the moments spent to discover Italy! I already miss you so much!!”.

Francesca Dovasi - Italy

" I have beautiful memories from my Belly Dance teacher. I will NEVER forget all the good moments I spent with you and the students. Thanks to your classes I could handle a difficult event that I had. The classes were my therapy. Thanks to you Omaris, I learned that I could dance and when you dance with your heart, the energy is healthy and strong. I am very thankful. God bless you always"

Ilia Terron - Puerto Rico

“ It was wonderful to meet you and see your positive energy, you are a wonderful artist with very passionate passion of course, you dance absolutely fantastic, you can change the mood with your energy”

Akash Bhatt - India

Omaris, omarisdancer, dominicanrose, dance workshops, omaris at hip expressions, professional bellydancer in tallahassee, hire a professional belly dancer in florida

" Thank you Omaris for such a wonderful workshop. I loved it! The hours passed so fast!"

Berenice Pacheco - Dominican Rep


"Omaris has an inner light that only she has it on stage and nobody has that light as hers. She has an incredible aura" 

Jorge Espinal - Dominican Rep


" Omaris is in her best moment. On stage she is big and I would love to see her always there.  She is a goddess! "

Juan Torres Ortiz - Dominican Rep


"Thank you so much Omaris. You are an excellent dancer and human being. I loved your workshop and I would love to attend to many more to come."

Ismirna German – Dominican Rep

“Oh my god what a night!!!!!!! Your performance was so amazingly beautiful, elegant, energetic, artistic, lovely and technical all at the same time! I was very happy and impressed, felt so lucky to see you perform live, you were already wonderful on YouTube and videos but tonight was superrrrrrr!!!! Thank you again for coming to Tokyo! My husband enjoyed your performance too. See you tomorrow at workshop!”

Tsubasa Ando -  Japan


“I had soooo much fun, and enjoying your WS, and studying a lot. Thanks a lot. I really like u and your dance ♡ you are great dancer and great teacher,and person. Thank You”

Moran Bellydance - Japan


"Your dance is so sexy and cute! All my friend everyone became your fan. We are waiting for your next show at Tokyo. The next opportunity, I want to apply for your WS."

Naoko Orikasa - Japan


" Thank you very much today, I like your dance very much. I'll go to WS tomorrow!"

Mika Yasuda - Japan


I'm Akane who looked at your show yesterday and took your WS today. It was really great to see you in Japan. As I told you, few years ago First time I looke at you was on youtube”Talisman”. I was really moved your beautiful dance. I couldn't wait I see you. I hope you come again soon. Thank you so much!!!

Akane Ishiwata – Japan


“Anyone that is fortunate enough to study under Omaris will find a dedicated and caring teacher that has a great attention to detail. I have taken group and private lessons with Omaris and cannot speak highly enough of the instruction she provides. She is a demanding and inspirational teacher in the classroom and a muse on stage. Her techniques and artistry bring out such beauty in her dancing that you always feel like you're witnessing a bit of magic on the stage when she's present...”

Karen Sumerfield – USA


“After 30 years without dance in my life I was inspired by a performance I saw of Omaris. Thank you for bringing dance into my life again and for being my continued inspiration . . . my beautiful teacher Omaris!

Amber Jones – USA


“I've been blessed with the opportunity to study with Omaris for several months. I've taken workshops from her in the past and was so excited when I heard she was moving to Tallahassee. She's determined to teach her students in a way that they can grow and offers constructive critique that has made a positive impact on my dance form. Her positive attitude, love for the dance and the ability to have fun while teaching empowers her students to strive to grow! Thank-you Omaris!”

Lorene Maddox – USA


“Omaris is a fantastic and FUN teacher and performer. Absolutely adore her!!!!!”

Judy Satinsky – USA


“Omaris has such a passion for performing, teaching & wanting to share this with everyone near & far. She is my teacher, mentor and loving friend”

Sandy Opsomer – USA


“I have been studying with Omaris for six months, and my dancing has already transformed. Under her guidance, my technique has been sharpened, my improvisational skills honed, and my confidence raised. In addition to being an excellent teacher she is a stellar performer, leaving all of her audiences amazed (and speechless!). Tallahassee is so lucky to have her!”

Eleanor LeClair


“Omaris is one of the best teachers I have ever studied with. She truly gives every ounce of what she knows about technique choreography and performance. She desperately wants every student to achieve their highest potential. There is something about her that is hard to describe. I can only say that she is filled with love. Everything enhanced with so much love and passion has to shine. This must be the secret to her success and beauty. Also the reason why everyone she touches feels this!”

Michele Mercier  - USA

To "The Dominican Rose"... I  love you!!!...Sooo many Artistic Dancers with incredible talents of all kinds and styles within my Dance Family, but you my dearest I can only describe with one word... PASSIONATE...watching your performances leave my mouth agape every single time I tell you...THANK YOU for your Art...See you soon!... <3 xoxox 

Lou Galarza - USA


Omaris  is ah-freaking-mazing!!! If you ever get a chance to study with her, do it!!!! She is a true inspiration!

Theresa Monica - USA


 “You’re magical  ✨thank you so much for a phenomenal workshop!

Lena Sralanh - USA

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