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Omaris, "The Dominican Rose" will sweep you away with her Passion, Authentic Spirit, and Magical Technique.  There is no question why she is a Multi Award-Winning Dancer,  Teaches all over the World, and is embraced in her local dance community.  With almost two decades of Teaching and Performing, Omaris is Loved by Studios, Students, and Audiences alike.   Dedicated to self-development, Omaris continues to further her study of the dance by attending workshops with top and recognized instructors. Internationally sought-after, Omaris has taught and performed in Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Guadeloupe, Serbia, Japan, Italy, The Czech Republic, and of course in her home country, the Dominican Republic.  Currently, she is based out of Tallahassee, Florida, and teaches at  ARTS and online lessons.

To watch her dance is not just a passive event; Omaris makes one feel.  A true artist, Omaris is able to evoke from her audience the emotion she wants it to experience: passion, longing, pain, and joy. One is often left sitting in their seat, stunned by her captivating performance. This is no easy feat. Omaris possesses a strong technical foundation to back up her artistry. Her classes are popular in that she fuses technique with insights on showmanship that are priceless for any dancer. An often overlooked component of Omaris’ dance is her musicality. Her specialty is expressing the melodic lines in pieces seamlessly. 

For more information about her WORKSHOPS, please click here.

No one can take your breath away like Omaris, the Dominican Rose!

On and off stage, she is passionate, authentic, and technically magical.

Her generous heart and sincere spirit are truly engaging.

You can not help but allow yourself to be swept up into her charismatic charm!

There is no question why she teaches all over the world and is embraced in her local dance community. 

Many say Omaris is Art in Motion.

02 Celado-9596.jpg

Photo by Javier Celado


Photo by The Dancers Eye

Did you know?

- Omaris is one of the members of Kafkasso Live Music.  Mediterranean Style Instrumental Guitar. She was the first dancer to be integrated into the band and one of the oldest members! 

- With her BA in Advertising and a Professional Photography Technique Course, she is also working as a Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketing Coordinator.

- Omaris has her own Clothing Line called RedButterfly by Omaris opened in April 2018. Women's Active and Casual Wear.



Omaris in USA

Omaris' warm personality, along with her concepts of staging and technique, make her teaching method appealing to her many students.

While a firm believer in having a strong foundational technique, she encourages dancers to develop their own unique and individual style.

She spent 2 years of teaching in Puerto Rico and almost 10 years teaching as one of the top instructors

at Hip Expressions Dance Studio in St Petersburg, Florida. 


A strong advocate for community involvement, she likes to perform regularly in local showcases.

In addition, Omaris is always invited to participate in important events around USA and worldwide. 

IMG_1055 web.jpg

Photo by Freddy Cruz

Omaris has studied with...

Dedicated to self-development, Omaris continues to further her study of the dance by attending workshops and improves her technique through observation and practice. She also believes cross-training in many styles is vital to the overall health of an artist's integrity in their own genre and enjoys exploring a variety of classes with top instructors. She has studied with such recognized masters as Aida Nour, Issam Houshan, August Hoer, Asmahan, Lubna, Bozenka, Amir Thaleb, Yousry Sharif, Jillina, Virginia, Aziza, Astryd Farah de Michelle, Zahra Zuhair, Yamil Anun, Saida, Faten Munger, Madrin’ha, Nathalie, Lacey of Florida Tribal Dance, Tamra-Henna, Sadie, The Mezmer Society, Alexandra King, Hanan, Sandra, Khadejah Eloueslati & Mustapha, Yasmine from Magic Hips, Jill Parker, Amy Sigil of Unmata, Lena Helt, Osvaldo Brandan, Patricia Passo, Princess Farhana, Najmah Nour, Jihan Jamal, Zaza Hassan, Hanan, Maya Gaori, Samay, Mariyah, Tamra, Lena Helt, Mohamed el Hosieny, Nourhan Sharif,  Osvaldo Brandan, Evelyn Tosi, Tamalyn Dallal, Mayra Huzid, Lulu Sabongi, Randa Kamel, Farrah Talei, Amir Sofi, Elizabeth Strong, Karim Nagi, Morita del Sol, Oscar Flores, Carmine Guida, Zizi Zabaneth, Sonia Ochoa, Aladin El Kholy, Ahmed Fekry, Samay, Tito Seif, Wael Mansour, Tommy King, Mario Kirlis, Hynd and Mercedes Nieto.

IMG_1075 web.jpg

Photo by Freddy Cruz

"Omaris is “The Dominican Rose", so named by her American fans for the beautiful dance aesthetic she manifests in every performance. She is highly acknowledged for her professionalism in dance, dedication in the classroom, and sweet personal nature. Greatly admired by her students and peers, she captivates her audience with her natural and elegant movements and the authentic passion with which she dances.

Many say Omaris is Art in Motion." ~  Johanna "Xenobia" 




Rakstar (Miami, FL) - MBC (Miami, FL,) - Festival of the Nile, (Kissimmee, FL) - ODM  (Sitges, Spain) - Orientalisimo (Barcelona, Spain) - Tampa Raqs  (Tampa, FL) - Little Egypt (Dallas, Texas) - Egyptia  (Miami, FL) - Bellydance Masters (Orlando, FL) - Hizzy Ya Orlando  (Orlando, FL)  - Stand Up and Bellydance  (Sto. Dgo. , DR) - Dominican Goes Tribal (Sto.Dgo, DR) - Habaib Festival International  (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - C.E.E.D.A  (Chihuahua, Mexico) - Yallah (San Juan, PR) - Amar Ala Mars (Tampa, FL) - OBC  (Orlando, FL).

In addition, presentations as a featured instructor/dancer in Italy, Japan, Mexico, Guadeloupe, Serbia, the Czech Republic, South Korea as well haflas and community events around the USA.

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- 1st Place Winner in the Professional Category Competition at Rakstar 2012 in Miami. She was also voted winner of the People's Choice Award!

Judges: Tito Seif, Yousry Sharif, Mercedes Nieto, Jihan Jamal and Wael Mansour 

- 2nd runner-up in the professional category of the 2009 Miami Bellydance Competition.

Judges: Jihan Jamal, Saida, Yamil Anun, Feresteh, Ava Fleming

01 Celado-9603 Noir.jpg

Photo by Javier Celado

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