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Omaris is an international instructor and multi award winning belly dance artist

Omaris has shared stage with many artists such as: Amir Thaleb, Jill Parker, Asmahan, Mercedes Nieto, Ahmed Fekry, Aladin El Kholy, Virginia, Karim Nagi, Princess Farhana, The Belly Dancer Superstars, Sadie, Jillina, Rachel Brice, and many more.

Photo by Freddy Cruz

- December 2014: Hizzy Ya Orlando! Sharing stage with Asmahan and Tommy King 

Orlando, Florida

-November 2014: Sparkle Holiday Hafla: Sharing stage with Sadie

Orlando, Florida

- October 2014: Dancing with the Red Elvises.

Saint Pete Beach, Fl

- September 2014: Teaching and Dancing as a feature start dancer.

Sponsored by Skola Plesa Salome

Belgrade, Serbia

- August 2014: Performing at Miami Belly Dance Convention

Miami, Fl

- May 2014: Performing with the Red Elvises

St Pete Beach, Fl

- May 2014: 1001 Nights: Sharing stage with Asmahan.

Saint Pete Beach, Fl

- February 2014: 1001 Nights. Sharing stage with Princess Farhana.

Saint Beach, FL.

- January 2014: 1001 Nights: Sharinf stage with Cumie Dunio from Deepwave

St Pete Beach, Fl

- October 2013: Performing with The Red Elvises

St Pete Beach, Fl

-October 2013: Rakstar. Dancing as the 1 st place winner of the professional category in the Saturday Gala Show.
Miami, USA 
-June 2013: Stand Up and Bellydance! Vol. 3 by Paula. With guest international artist Karim Nagi and Paula Bellydance Artist.
Santo Domingo, Dom Rep

- June 2013: Teaching and Performing at Habaib Festival International. Sponsors: Khaled Eman and Ali Sherif II. 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- April 2013: Performing with the Red Elvises

St Pete Beach, Fl
- March 2013: Omaris will be teaching and dancing for the second time in South Korea. 
Sponsored by YS Hera Belly Dance Association.
Daegu, Daejeaon & Seoul, South Korea

- December 2012: Performing with Los Rumberos

St Petersburg, Fl
-November 2012: International guest artist and instructor at C.E.E.D.A
Chihuahua, Mexico
- October 2012: Omaris won the First Place in the Professional Belly Dance Competition and also People Arward Choice in Rakstar 2012.
Miami, USA

- October 2012: Rakstar 
Miami, USA
-September 2012: Stand Up & Belly Dance Vol 2.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

-August 2012: Performing at Yallah Fest as a guest artist in two Gala Shows.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
- June 2012: Sharing stage with Aladin El Kholy, Ahmed Fekry and many talent from Miami area and beyond at Egyptia.
Miami, FL.

- April 2012: Performing with the Red Elvises. 
Saint Pete Beach, Fl.
- April 2012: Performing with Vie Romen. 
Saint Pete Beach, Fl.

- March 2012: Sharing stage with The Amazing Belly Dancers Superstars and talented Local Dancers of Saint Petersburg and Tampa Bay Area.
Saint Petersburg, Fl.
- November 2011:  Sharing stage with Mexican and Argentinian talent as Osvaldo Brandan at the first Convention of Belly Dance in Chihuhua.
Chihuahua, Mexico

- November 2011: Gala show with Sadie. 2nd time sharing stage  with the well known and recognized dancer Sadie and other talented artist from Tampa and beyond. 
Orlando, Florida
-November 2011: Gala Show at Beledi Beach Bash sponsored by Hip Expressions. Sharing stage with Unmata. 
Saint Petersburg, Fl.

-October 2011: "Amar Ala Masr" Sharing stage with over 30 performers of Tampa Bay and beyond. 
- September 2011: Live Party. Dancing with Lacey Sanchez of Florida Tribal Dance and other amazing dancers from Korea. 
Yanggu- South Korea.

-August 2011: Stand Up & Bellydance-
A night of comedy and Middle East Dance. Sharing stage with Paula Bellydancer of the Universe 2011 and Dominican artists.- 
Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep. 
-December 2010: "A Night Out with Rachel Brice"- Sharing stage with Rachel Brice. Sponsored by Florida Tribal Dance.- 
Orlando Fl. 

- October 2010: Rakstar- Saturday Gala sharing stage with Amir Thaleb, Jillina and other amazing artists - Miami, Fl
- September 2010: Gala with Anasma and Linda Faoro - St. Pete, Fl.
- September 2010: MBC- Friday Gala - Miami, Fl.
- June 2010: Gala with Patricia Passo from Spain. 
St. Pete Beach, FL.

- August 2010: Stellar Advantage August Orlando, Fl
- March 2010: Beledi Beach Bash. Sharing stage with Saide . Sponsor by Hip Expressions - 
St. Pete Beach, Fl

- February 2010: "A Benefit for Haiti" Sharing Stage with Asmahan from Egypt and other amazing dancers from Tampa Bay , Fl. - 
Tampa, Fl. 
-September 2009: MBC 2009. Professional Competition. Winner of 2nd runner up. Miami,Fl.
-July 2009: "Little Egypt" Friday Gala - 
Dallas, Texas.
-September 2008: MBC. Friday Gala- 
Miami, Fl.

Photo by Pixie Vision

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